Wednesday, September 28

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I like how this thing is going. I think it is moving in a good direction. I wish more of the good folks on the contributors list would contribute. If they don't thats cool, its nice to know they like their name associated with our names. There have been a couple of bumps and jiggles, but hey, we're humans.

What I would like to do now is ask that all the contributors feel free to invite people they know and trust. Initially it was my idea to have only lizards here. But at that time I also thought before long it would be good to open this place up to our friends who are'nt lizards.

There is a small list of people who were sent invitations and have not responded, its located on the members page, in the settings section. I am going to delete that list. If there is someone on that list who wants to join up, great, we can send them another invite. What I would like to see replace that list is a whole new list of invites, to new people.

If at some point we feel it is time to impliment rules of conduct, or guidelines of use, we'll do that. I believe we should stop inviting when (if) the contributors list gets around 80 contributors. If we see fit to grow it more than that, then we can start lgc2. Now come on and choose from your online non lizard friends which ones you want to share with lgc's notorious lizard pack from lgf.

(i dont own this but since i started it i think im allowed to do this)

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