Wednesday, September 28

And if you thought that was bad...

Here's a little bundle of joy brought to us by the wonderful L³eftist Teachers Union. (Hat Tip: TARANTO)
Some excerpts (emphasis as always mine):

Lesson Plans

Colors and Symbols of Stigmatization
This lesson is an introduction to the reading of NIGHT by Elie Wiesel, which students will read independently. The students will do research to discover the different colors and symbols used to symbolize the Nazi party's list of undesirable people. The students will gain an understanding of how other people can arbitrarily judge other people as inferior.

For Grades 9–12 English Language Arts and English Language Development

by Sandra Hurd and Wilma Gale


• Students will make a yellow star to wear at the beginning of the class period. The word "Jude," the German word for Jew, will be at the top of the star. Under the word "Jude" the following quote will be written: "He who wears this symbol is an enemy of our people." (quote by Hitler)

1. Students will become aware of the stigma of a yellow star by wearing the star and by listening to specific derogatory comments directed to Jews. (The teacher will give a few comments that were directed toward Jews by the Nazis such as "dirty kikes."

It gets worse:

3. Students will also do research to find the reasoning behind why these people were considered inferior to the Ayran race.

Memo to asshats: the Germans aren't the Aryan race. And do you really think it is a good idea to have them doing web research on this bogus "race" when this is the google for the word? Half of the first ten hits are white supremacist sites, and number one is freaking W.A.R.!!! WTF? Who thinks 9-12 graders reading white power propaganda is a good thing? Apparently Sandra Hurd and Wilma Gale, as well as the administration a nd schoolboard of Cumberland County, NC.

Finally, we have the final objective:

6. Students will compile their researched information and letter into a booklet form. The booklet will include the following:
o Colors and symbols for identification for "undesirables."
o Reasons for categorizing each group "undesirable."
o Personal account letter
o Bibliography of web sites using correct format

Maybe Taranto is right and this isn't anti-Semitism 101, but if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck...


I couldn't find an email for the local Board, but this can get you in contact with State-level officials. Might want to consider Congresscritters as well. In my experience, a Congressional aide making a phone call can work wonders.

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