Sunday, September 18

AS update, for anyone interested

Set out for NOLA early yesterday. On the Eastern outposts of Baton Rouge, the FASTAC vehicle died. It is currently awaiting repair at a local Ford dealership. In the aftermath, I am back to night duty at the Baton Rouge HQ.
I spent several hours awaiting the tow that was promised for 1 hour. The only reason they came at all was my boss's (unfounded) threat to turn The Admiral loose on them for keeping a FEMA medical officer sidelined for so long.
Many people, some with less than nothing to call their own, stopped to offer aid, rides, and drinks. There is a spirit of hope and future here that I'm sure you won't hear about in MSM. And praise and thanks for FEMA and the many people who are down here working the recovery effort.
So I still have yet to see NOLA, and tonight's scuttlebutt is that the new storm might well follow Katrina's track. *Sigh* I never made it to Margaritaville. But I have been drunk in Atlanta with Jimmy Buffett.

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Addendum: we opened a box of crutches tonight and out popped a lizard! One nurse wanted him stomped, but I argued for saving the little gecko. One of the network installers took him outside. I would have kept him, but I don't think the HQ supply section has crickets.

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