Thursday, September 29

Bad Nail Angst

I've noticed over the years that some men (read that most men) simply either don't notice, or don't care about their finger and toenails. Now I'm not talking about a metrosexual manicure here, I'm talking about toenails that are so long they could be used to slice open a jugular, and the resulting infection from the accumulated toe jam could kill twenty people alone. (Admittedly, I live in Florida so I most likely see more exposed toes than a New Yorker would).

I have been known to give nail clippers to young men who work for me - as a subtle hint. I never noticed it working.

So fess up men, are you afraid of those big mean nail clipper thingies? Is it not manly to have trimmed toenails? Isn't it kind of girly to walk around with long fingernails?

Sarah wants to know.

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