Friday, September 23

The Blame Game Continues

NewsMax is reporting that Gov. Blanco's Approval Rating in Free Fall.

The bottom has fallen out of Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco's poll numbers, with her approval rating tumbling sharply in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina crisis."
While President Bush's approval rating has fallen by two or three points in most polls, Survey USA found that Gov. Blanco's favorability rating has dropped by a whopping nine points among Louisianans, from 50 to 41 percent since the last survey in August.

The article goes onto say the Governor has sent a letter to the President calling for an independant commission to investigate what went wrong.
That's the Dems for you. Spend more taxpayer's dollars on an independent commission that will reveal what we pretty much all know:

  1. She didn't do her job.
  2. Nagin didn't do his job.
  3. FEMA didn't do it's job.
  4. Bush did his job but could have been hammering on everyone a little harder, and that he is getting blamed for it all.

Did I miss anything?

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