Saturday, September 10

Bob's Kid is still PO'd

The letter aforementioned says this:

Backed by out-of-state extremists who want to impose their will on us and by big corporations with bottomless pockets, the Governor raised millions to qualify his destructive initiatives.

And later on it says:

CTA has been leading the fight against these destructive proposals since they were first made public. We launched an agressive radio and television advertising campaign to expose the Governor's broken promises to schools and kids.

Ummmm, how do you suppose CTA paid for those agressive ads? MY UNION DUES, THAT'S HOW.

Forgive me, but it seems the height of hypocrisy for CTA to lambast Arnold for raising money to support what he believes in while raising millions through increased union dues (in which we had no say) to pay for their misleading advertising.

Perhaps it's just me.

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