Thursday, September 22

Bush SLAYS Nagin

AOL poll: President slays mayor on storm
With close to 600,000 participants, public rips Nagin response as 'poor'

As debate continues to rage over government response to Hurricane Katrina, the public clearly thinks New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin – not President Bush – is the one to blame, according to a new online poll by America Online.

With more than 589,000 responses in today's unscientific survey, 65 percent of participants rate Nagin's handling of the Katrina disaster as "poor."

Only 10 percent of AOL users said Nagin's response was "excellent," 13 percent called it "good," and 12 percent termed it "fair."
When asked who has done a better job during the crisis, 67 percent named President Bush, and only 33 percent chose Nagin.......

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