Friday, September 16

Bush the unreported hero

I know Charles had something about this earlier, but I missed it and it bears repeating.

Talabani this week visited Bush in the White House, but I doubt you heard a word he said.

In one sense that's good. If he'd said Iraq's liberation was a disaster, you'd have heard all about it.

But he instead turned to Bush and said: "In the name of Iraqi people, I say to you, Mr President, and to the glorious American people, thank you, thank you. Thank you, because you liberated us from the worst kind of dictatorship. Our people suffered too much . . .

"Thank you, and thanks to the United States, there are now 50 million Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq liberated by your courageous leadership and decision to liberate us, Mr President.

"We agree with Mr President Bush that democracy is the solution to the problems of the Middle East. Mr President, you are a visionary, great statesman. We salute you."

Talabani gave examples of progress -- of Iraqi cities like Najaf, once dominated by gunmen, now under democratic rule, and of Iraqi soldiers now winning in their war with terrorists. He told how Iraq's new National Assembly approved a draft constitution that upheld democracy and human rights.

And he added: "Now Iraq is a free country. We have all kinds of democracy, all kinds of freedom of expression of parties, groups, civil society, organisations -- that we can say that our democracy is unique in the Middle East . . .

"Of course, we are sorry for the sacrifices of American people in Iraq, but I think a great people like America has a mission in the history -- they have sacrificed hundreds of thousands of their sons in the . . . First World War, Second World War, and in liberating people in Afghanistan, Kurdistan. And the great leader, Mr George W. Bush is continuing the same mission of the American people. We are grateful . . .

"To those in America, in other countries, (who) still ask of (the) war of liberation in Iraq, if it was right -- the right decision: I say, please, please, come to Iraq, to visit the mass graves, to see what happened to the Iraqi people, and to see what now is going on in Iraq.

"To those who talk of stability, I say, Saddam imposed the stability of the mass graves. To the terrorists, I say, you will never win; freedom will win in Iraq."

As they say, read the whole thing.

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