Sunday, September 11

Charles, four years ago today

The latest footage I just saw on CNN chilled me to the center of my being; you can see the jet liner slice right through the tower. And parts of it keep on going. I keep thinking about the terror those passengers must have felt in their final minutes.
The bastards knew what they were doing. They deliberately chose flights that were going to the west coast, since they would be filled to capacity with fuel; the bellies and both wings would have been full. They turned those jets into gigantic bombs.

by charles at 03:53 PM PST September 11 2001

We need to go after the nations that give safe haven to these terrorist beasts, because this cannot have been the work of a small group. They could not have succeeded without extensive financial, technical, and tactical support. The nations I'm talking about are well known. Afghanistan. Iran. Iraq. Libya. Yemen. We know who our enemies are.
And it's time to stop playing fair. In the US we are so preoccupied with due process and the rule of law that we seem to expect evidence on a level with what we would have in a criminal trial. Meanwhile, the monsters toy with us and kill us, using our own democratic processes and our own cherished freedoms against us.
Of course, we need to avoid jumping to conclusions. But we do know who our enemies are.

by charles at 01:37 PM PST September 11 2001

This is the start of a new era in civilization. God (if you exist) help us.
The coordination and scale of this attack is unbelievable. It's important for us to realize that the creatures who do this evil will never stop. Their intent is to bring the entire world into a religiously dominated Dark Age.
I'm very afraid of what happens next.

by charles at 08:50 AM PST September 11 2001

I don't have words for what I feel.

Shock and incredible rage.

We are at war.

by charles at 08:04 AM PST September 11 2001

update: For the record, The first invitation to join this site was sent to Charles. I don't really expect him to show up here. Just my way of showing the man proper honor and respect.

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