Saturday, September 10

Day One at lgc

Long day today. Spent from 7 to 11:30 tonight napping. Woke up and got online and hit the link to this little lgc experiment, and was giddy with excitement to see a bunch of posts. AWESOME!!

This site isnt even 24 hours old and alreay it is 15 owners strong. And a list of invites sent out yet to be reponded to double that, AND, I am sure there will be many many more invites to go out.

We are all admins here. We all have the power of the owner of the site because we all own it. I dont own it. I started it, thats the extent of my ownership.

I have an idea that a bunch of people with common interests and common ideas can have a blog without anyone owning it. Seems very clear that we have as a community a set of principles and values, ethics and morals that we all share in common. Let these spoken and unspoken agreements between us define what is right or wrong in here, what this place is or is'nt.

As an admin you have the ability to invite anyone you choose to be a co blogger here. All I ask is that you keep the invites inside the trusted group of lizards from LGF. That is all.

NBL, my peoples, my community.

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