Wednesday, September 28

DeLay Indicted

Tom DeLay Steps Down From Leadership Post After Indictment

WASHINGTON — Rep. Tom DeLay (search), R-Texas, said Wednesday he would temporarily step down as House majority leader after he and two political associates were charged by a Texas grand jury with conspiracy in a campaign finance scheme.

"In accordance with the rules of the House Republican Conference, I will temporarily step aside as floor leader in order to win exoneration from these baseless charges," DeLay told reporters.

Question. If this was a democrat would we automatically assume he/she is guilty as charged and pillory them in a maner befitting their alledged crime?

If we are really fair and balanced, should we do the same to Tom DeLay? Or is the fact that he's a republican a get-out-of-jail-free card?

I don't know if he's guilty or not. But I am curious as to what the reaction to this news story will be. Do we assume he's the victim of a smear campaigne and dismiss the charges out of hand? Or do we investigate him with the same zeal we'd go after a Democrat similarly indicted?


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