Monday, September 26

Donating funds: RebTex/"Nam Grunt/Bordm Fund

For all those interested in contributing to hurricane relief efforts in La. and Texas, and especially to help our brother LGF lizard:

There is a paypal account already setup and we have this as the snail-mail alternative.


Foriegn Devil suggested the following:

LGF Lizardoid ALERT!
If, like me, you don't want to use PayPal for whatever reason (you must have a credit card number to use their service, for instance, something I don't have and don't want) there is another way that's excellent. You can get your bank to make a Money Order which you prepay, don't fill out the "Payee" line or write in Bayou_King's name and send it. It will arrive by first class mail at the P.O. the next day and in my case, two days or three after since I was out of the country. I left the "payee" line clear for him to fill in whatever was suitable, and I'll get a receipt later (I have the one from the bank for the M.O. as it is). You can put on an area away from the signing line "For hurricane relief" or something and let that cover whichever hurricane. But don't put it on the 'Payee' line. Leave that clear. Don't indicate on the outside of the envelope what it contains. Send first class stamp like a letter and it'll be in B.K.'s PO the next day. The US Postal Service will get to the P.O. when no one else will. You watch! Forget FedEx or whoever. Use the US postal service and money orders and bypass PayPal. The M.O.s if they are in smaller denominations ($100.00 each) are easily cashed by B.K. for goods and services and are treated by merchants and banks as cash. They are prepaid at your bank by you so they are like American Express money. Virtual cash!


From Bayou_King -

good idea, but one correction... first-class US mail is taking 7 days to my P.O. Box, not one.
Please make sure put "Stephen Carpenter" on payee line...(had to return some checks where people made them out to "LGF Hurricane Relief)

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