Sunday, September 18

Earl Bockenfeld said,

The woman serving as associate vice president for student services at Greenville (SC) Technical College "resigned" after multiple brain malfunctions in her job there. She's "numb" and "shocked" that calling children evacuated from the worst natural disaster in our country's history as "yard apes" -- in two separate briefings last week -- might be a teensy bit beyond the pale. (

And what might that side of the story look like? This, my friends, is an example of someone that belongs with the knuckle-draggers in the White Power movement. May I direct her to some internet message boards like Powerpoint and Little Green Footballs, where she can mingle with this breed of apes...

Here is his weblog. Here is his bio. Who does this ass flea think he is ?

Story of the poor excuse for a human, Renee Holcome, resigning: The Greenville News Tech official resigns over slur, school says

Now answer this. Which one of these two absolute idiots, Renee or Earl, is the biggest idiot ?

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