Tuesday, September 13

Euthanasia in the Big Easy, pt. 2

An update to the earlier New Orleans euthanasia story.

Looks like this is a story that is about to break wide open...

The Daily Telegraph of Australia has run a story which is derived (at least in part) from the original London Mail on Sunday story, which I've since located on the Web. (Using Google... *sigh* --I had the wrong tabloid, by the way, no wonder I couldn't find it earlier...)

But the story linked on the Chinese site is apparently a translation of the Mail on Sunday print edition, which features quotes from a 46-year-old British nurse named Sharon Carriere from Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

Please note that the latter Mail on Sunday print reporting specifically identifies the hospital as the Memorial Medical Center...

...the same place they removed 40 bodies from on Monday.


Tenet Healthcare Corporation, operator of Memorial Medical Center, has issued a statement on the discovery of the 45 bodies.

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