Tuesday, September 27

"Finally! Some attention from real men!"

That's the only reason I can figure why she's smiling.

On a related note, near my office in D.C. is the Secret Service's uniformed division headquarters. (Yes, the Secret Service has a uniformed division.) occasionally, I see the agents strolling the area in black BDU pants, black polo shirts, and Glocks in hip holsters. All very impressive. However, today, I saw a group of them emerging from the local Starbuck's and one of them was sipping a grande iced frappacino with whipped cream on top through a straw. Someone, that just kinda ruined the image for me--you just don't look intimidating sucking on a straw dipped in any sort of frozen concotion topped with whipped cream. I think Reaganite needs to have a talk with that young agent.

UPDATE: [by Mafia Princess for NY Nana]
And here she is... cozying up to Jesse Jackson. The dopy grin says it all.

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