Monday, September 12


Hi justdanny - I must say I've come to greatly enjoy little green colloquium, but am getting increasingly frustrated at how to use it.
When reaganite was kind enough to build my computer, he intstalled Maxthon as the default browser and IE as an alternate browser. For a number of reasons I VASTLY prefer IE for navigation and etc. but it's giving me fits trying to navigate, especially posting and reading comments. I posted an article, then saw where Quark 2 had posted an article, went and read her article, made a comment about it and couldn't get back to the dashboard. So I started all over again going to the site, clicking on lgc and I see an article by Dar that I wanted to comment on, but couldn't find my way to the comments section. And even when I tried to save lgc as one of my IE favorites, it did so as a Maxthon enabled browser.
Can anyone help? I'd love to use IE as the default browser for lgc,(as opposed to Maxthon) but can't figue out how to do it.

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