Wednesday, September 28

Humiliation? The Horror

The horror.

A military intelligence interrogator pleaded guilty Wednesday to assaulting a detainee in Afghanistan who later died.

Claus told the judge he knew he was humiliating the detainee by forcing him to kiss a soldier's feet _ considered the dirtiest part of the body in the Muslim faith.

"It was extremely humiliating," he said. "I was telling him he was lower than dirt."

Walls, who said Claus ordered the detainee to kiss his boots, pleaded guilty last month to abuse and standing by as Claus and another soldier did the same thing. He was sentenced to two months in jail.

Poor little Islamofascist, he got his feelings hurt. At least they didn't make him stand next to a girl. I'm sorry, but, for G-d's sake, when we are fighting an enemy that cuts off people's heads if we have to humiliate a few of them to get information to save people's lives, well, I think the poor widdle terrorist can live with it.

Well, apparently not in this particular case. Tough. Nobody said getting your 72 raisins was easy. Abu Abu bin Dead should have read the fine print before he signed up with the Jihad.

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