Tuesday, September 13

I get email

The always warm and wise NY Nana emailed me a link to this petition

We Will Support Israel

To: World Leaders
Before Israel's founding a great amount of Palestinian land was legally purchased by Jews around the world. Subsequently Arabs were encouraged to attack Jews on this land. As well as myths of covert and subversive Jewish conspiracies, libels, Arab nationalism and Qu'ranic injunctions were all used to vilify the Zionist population. Antisemitism was rife around the world and Jews continued to move to Palestine. Arabs consistently rejected any plan for allowing Jewish autonomy in land with an overwhelming Jewish majority, and were not interested in any kind of deal. In 1948 when many Arab states attacked the new State of Israel and expelled their Jews, Israel did well to survive the onslaught, and in that and subsequent wars the borders have shifted. Ever since, Arab and other states have agitated for measures against Israel ranging from sanctions to annihilation. Key to these strategies has been refusing refuge for Palestinians, and even 'restocking' that population with Muslims from other states. Arafat himself was not even a displaced Palestinian. He hailed from Cairo.

Now, whatever measures Israel takes to stem attacks are viewed in the light of Zionist nationalist oppression. However, Israel has repeatedly offered to the Palestinians land which was captured, and they have refused on numerous objections, with the result that the Palestinian problem has worsened, and Israel is perceived as responsible. Israel has invested hugely in Palestinian infrastructure. Palestinians have consistently been hostile. Israel has ceded Gaza unilaterally, since the Egyptians had long rejected it and the Palestinian population was becoming overwhelming. Palestinian groups such as Hamas and the Fatah offshoot Islamic Jihad have claimed a minor victory and vowed to keep pressing for the cessation of Jerusalem and all Israel, by entirely violent means. The media continues to report through the eyes of the undoubtedly miserable Palestinians, and continually criticises Israeli measures be they defensive or reconciliatory. Israel has never been outwardly aggressive. In the context now of a global jihad, which draws on whatever upset there is at US policy, Israel is held as a scapegoat more than ever. We will not let the Jewish State be slandered and destroyed, its people misrepresented and its government held accountable for US policy. We will challenge those who oppose Israel. We will challenge them verbally and politically by any means necessary. At stake is global stability versus the subjugation of the Jewish people as well as world democracies to the whims of dogmatists, terrorists and extreme political fringes. We stand firmly with the Jewish people and their right to self-determination. We recognise that Israel's governing processes are the most refined and humanitarian in the region, possibly in the entire world. We will defend Israel. We will not defend those who agitate against Israel. We invite your support.

I signed it. Will you ?

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