Thursday, September 15


While all the world's biggest thugs gathered in New York yesterday, our favorite LLL groups took this opportunity to place ads in the NYT. As I was listening to the Glenn Beck Program (while you visit this link, check out the picture of the day on page 2- just click the big 2), he shared a few of them that made my eyes bleed. But there was ONE that put a lump in my throat and made me shed tears of pride. I LOVE AMERICA, and it is AWESOME to know that AMERICA CAN and DOES make a difference. It is even MORE AWESOME to know that SOME FRIENDS NEVER FORGET!

I have searched and searched, but have found not ONE STORY covering this ad, but it is probably the most needed thing for Americans to hear today. Since I am an INSIDER at Glenn Beck, I was able to transcribe this ad. Please keep in mind that I have no idea if all the punctuation is accurate, because I was typing it as I HEARD it, instead of LOOKING at it.

I hope you are all as blessed by this as I was. The ad:

To America
From Kuwait

A message of Hope. We as Kuwaitis understand what it is like to face a national emergency and have friends volunteer to provide assistance. American values have helped many a people rebuild their nation. We will never forget the support and the courage of the American people as they helped us reclaim our homeland in 1991. We also know that these same values portrayed in the relief efforts will help America overcome this disaster. When we see the images of hurricane Katrina our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones and those who are adapting to new ways of life. We in Kuwait understand as we too had to start anew. The state of Kuwait has now pledged 500 MILLION DOLLARS to assist our American friends in the rebuilding of their Gulf Coast. This commitment combined with that of the American's friends throughout the world and the support pledged by the American people themselves will help begin the slow but necessary process of recovery. American's will to survive and prosper will prevail. Friends help friends. Americans stood by Kuwaitis during our time of need, as friends we stand by you.


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