Thursday, September 29

I'm cracking up here...

...laughing, that is. Okay, maybe I am cracking up mentally, too. I'll let you decide.

Today a student came up to me all in a dither. Do you know, she said, that there are these big fires down in SoCal? Yes, I told her, I knew that. Why aren't they stopping them, she wanted to know. So I explained that they are doing something, but that with the Santa Ana winds blowing, it's hard to just stop them. Then she went on to complain that the "president" should do better at dealing with natural disasters. Look at those hurricanes! how come GWB didn't stop them? He should have stopped them. Did I know that hot boiling lava could come up underneath Elk Grove at any time and there is nothing we could do about it? How come the president doesn't have a plan? And if there was a big earthquake in San Francisco it could totally knock down every building in town and how come the president isn't doing anything to prevent that? And you know what else? Some day the sun is going to explode and destroy all the planets! Okay, I said, did she expect the president to be able to stop that too? Yes! She does! It's a terrible situation and the president ISN'T DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

At first I thought she was kidding, but as the conversation progressed I saw that she was totally serious. I don't know what depresses me the most...her abysmal science knowledge or her blaming GWB for everything that could possibly go wrong.

Even the sun blowing up and destroying all the planets.

Sigh. Some days are tough ones, that's for sure.

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