Sunday, September 25

Its Fall

It’s Fall.

Top of Form
And Mrs. Mcgyver (Giggles) has decided that we will now be using the “other” dishes.  (until “Spring” when we revert to the set we were just using yesterday)  She has also decided that the silverware drawer needed cleaning and rearrangement, the oven should be cleaned and the cabinets and other drawers (image placeholder)rearranged.  Now I can’t find anything, and neither can the not-my-kid.  She also wants to refinish the bedroom furniture.  She needs a place to work… Which means (yes, it’s coming up riiigghht now), the garage needs to be “taken care of” today.  What this means is that stuff must be moved from one place to another, since it is impossible to actually add space in the garage.  This is somehow my job.  How come girls do this?  If it wasn’t an impossibility, I’d think she was pregnant.
Bottom of Form

Mcgyver, out (in the garage)

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