Tuesday, September 20

Just Pissy Today

I've a student in my 1st period, senior in a frosh class. Tardy 2, 3 times a week. Now at our school, when the bell rings, the teachers lock their doors and tardy students have to get a detention slip from admin or security before they can be admitted to class. After a few days of getting detentions, this girl now comes to school, and mind we're talking about 2-3 days a week, with a note from her mother (ostensibly) saying she was SICK.

This pisses me off. How am I supposed to teach these students how to be responsible when their own parents enable them to flout the rules? Am I alone here?

My daughter is a student at the newly opened University of California Merced. She has an on-campus job. When she went to her job orientation she got a paper with the rules, including the importance of being on time. Late to work once, a verbal warning. Twice, a written reprimand that goes in your file. Three times? YOU'RE FIRED. That's it.

Now I try to tell my students that this is the way it is in the cold hard world, but they all argue with me that a couple minutes late is no big deal. I think this is hogwash, but I get to work an hour and a half early most days. So I am asking you guys who have regular jobs...do you get in trouble if you're late to work?

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