Thursday, September 29

Libraries, trucks, and the ever-winding road to NOLA.

Several days ago I finished the second of two recreational books I'd brought to Louisiana. The Stress Management group (it's FEMA- of course there's one) has the offices next to the one I've been sleeping in, so I brought them the books and suggested a "leave one, take one" library. They thought that so great an idea that a few days later they bought several more at a Dollar Store. Well, I haven't noticed a lot of turnover, but tonight the shelf sported some new additions- pamphlets from the 'Church of Scientology Disaster Response Team'. I thought about pitching them, but it would probably make them believe there's a demand. Next time I run into one of these people, maybe I'll just offer to help them get 'located'- hard to do when one's head is up one's ass.

The FASTAC is still sitting at the dealership, awaiting an apparently hard-to-come-by (at least in Baton Rouge) part. So I'm driving my boss's Tahoe to NOLA this AM. Exact assignment unclear, and billeting still up in the air- one rumor is still a berth on the Iwo Jima.
Net access is still a question mark. I have applied for a dial-up, but the IT guy didn't come back to implement it on this comp. So if I'm not a web presence for a while, *hearty handshake* for all the guys, and *hugs**lingering* for all the ladies.

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