Wednesday, September 28

MSM Credibility

I began this morning, standing on the Golden Gate bridge, watching the Sun rise over the Pacific Ocean...

(Hat Tip: Puppy Blender)

Three people quoted in the article discussed the Fein memorandum, provided to them by a reporter, on the assumption that it had been written by Judge Roberts.

I realize that it takes years of education, training, and elite New York parties to get sophisticated enough to write for the New York Times, but where along the line did the idiots who wrote these articles forget that when you assume, you just make an ass out of you and me both.

Well, actually, I'm only an ass if I take your assumption at face value, and I don't believe anything I see in the New York Fishwrap unless it's been fact-checked out the yin-yang by blogs I trust.

Could it be that the New York Fishwrap has an agenda, and that they don't bother to check and see if what they are saying is true?

Nah. They're much more professional than that.

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