Friday, September 16

Muslim forums..

I participate in a few forums where it seems like I am the only non Muslim. Apostates and "moderates" and extemists all post there. Today I saw this post and wanted to share it. Apparently I am not the only non muslim. Heres the post,

Few signs of a typical Muslim (there may be a few exceptions)...

1. It is not Terrorism, it is freedom fighting. It is Jihad. But, what happened on 9/11, 7/7 etc is wrong. What a double speak!

2. We support any cause like Palestine, Kashmir etc where Muslims are assumed to be suffering. Yet, the suffering of Muslims in all Islamic states are secondary since these are ruled by Muslims.

3. Other religions being ethnically cleansed or enforced with Islam or non-Muslims being brutally murdered is allright. It is all a reaction to your policies.

4. When asked a question about Islam, a Muslim deviates from the issue and bashes other religions. When he is outsmarted word for word and finally owned, he says this is not right, Islam does not preach hatred for other religions or people practising them.

5. A Muslim will convert anything into a Muslim vs Non-Muslim issue.

6. Whether Kashmir has Hindu and Buddhist population or Iraq has Kurd population is secondary. Their logic is these are all Islamic states, so only a Muslim can rule them. Or in other words, if Muslims are in a majority in any area, it is a defacto Islamic state for them.

7. Even when Muslims live in a minority, it still doesn't deter them from following the Shariat first instead of the Constitution. They will form ghettos and isolate themselves from society. They will show extra-territorial loyalty by shouting for anything that happens in the Islamic world, but if something happens to an innocent civilian of another faith in their own nation or neighbourhood, it doesn't bother them at all.

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