Saturday, September 24

News From RebTex - Rita Storm Report

Here's the news from RebTex (I just had a conversation with him on the phone:
His town (Newton) is devastated. The High School is destroyed. Stores are gone, library is okay, the park is gone; a real mess.
They took a direct hit. His house is gone, but the shop is fine. They rode the storm out in the shop. All critters are crittering. Only one horse has an injury, but will be fine.
Other news: No gasoline in the area. No gasoline to be delivered. Beaumont is devastated. Many building collapsed and they had flooding from 20' storm surge.
Power will be out two weeks, everyone from Beaumont up past Newton and up a ways further.
Hurricane force winds blowing up until 9 am, but now have 30 mph winds with gusts up to 50 mph.
The eye of the storm passed between Newton and Jasper.
Quark2's area has no power, many downed trees and power lines. Roads impassable. No word on flooding, Tex believed it escaped flooding.
Bordem's area is 90% devastated. NO word from him or his family.
Nam's area badly hit.
Annelid's area (Leesville, La.): Area is down. No specifics. Everything is shut down, nothing is working.
That's the news for now.
Tex will call if he/they need anything. I have his number if anyone needs to get info to him.
They expect to be without services for two weeks, but says they have what they need, and he's taking it easy as he's still healing from surgery last week.

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