Sunday, September 11

Oh great...

Totally unrelated to today's anniversary, but we've got ourselves a passel o' kittens here in Bob's Kidland. We've heard them mewing from under our deck for a couple of days, and finally the constant piteous mewing and our fear they would die caused my daughter to dig a hole so we could get to them. Four of 'em, wet, cold, dirty, and hungry. We're waiting for petsmart to open so we can get bottles and kitten milk.

What are we gonna do with four more cats?


They're sure cute, though.

UPDATE: Went over and bought the bottles (cheap) and the kitten formula (EXPENSIVE! It reminded me why I nursed my kids). Fed the kittens twice, cleaned them, and now they are on a heating pad, hopefully going to sleep. Vet appointment tomorrow.

UPDATE on 9-12: The kittens survived their first visit to the vet...all boys, 2-3 weeks old, and fairly healthy, all things considered.

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