Monday, September 19

Oh Yeah, Really Funny. And SO original.

Today I got an email from a geocaching list I'm on, telling everyone about this hilarious thing you can do with google...just hilarious. All you have to do is type in 'failure,' hit 'feeling lucky,' and ha ha ha! Up pops GWB's White House page. And you'd better find it fast or google might take it away.

Now, being the rather non confrontational person that I am, I thought about this for a moment. Should I respond?

Oh heck yeah.

So I did, and explained that actually, google already knows about it, and how those things are artificially rigged by 'people who apparently think that sort of thing is funny,' and that google claims there's not anything they can do about it, blah, blah, blah (insert all the things we have already talked about on lgf for a long time). I was carefully non-political.

Whoowhee! It hit the fan. Which is good, as I don't think a non-political list is any room for politics, and as one reply said...what makes you think everyone on this list would think this was even remotely funny? I think the person who originally posted the e-mail was genuinely surprised that anyone would find it offensive.

What is it about lefties that makes them think that everyone thinks like them?

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