Friday, September 30

Origins Of A Conspiracy

I found this gem hidden away in a NexMax article. Apparently, the mear mention of a crater (large hole) is evidence enough to accuse the government of blowing up the levee in NOLA.

Talk about a rush to judgement without having any facts! But then again, the rules don't apply to Louis Farrakhan.

Nagin's Cops Trained by Farrakhan Deputy

Last Friday, Farrakhan revealed that he had a private meeting with Mayor Nagin in the wake of the disaster to discuss Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.
It was during that meeting, Farrakhan told a Memphis audience, that "Mayor Nagin told us there was a 25-foot crater under the levee."
"He didn't say there was a bomb," the NOI chief cautioned. "He just said there was a crater."
"I say they blew it," Farrakhan added.
NewsMax's calls to Mayor Nagin's office this week seeking comment on Farrakhan's account have gone unanswered.

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