Saturday, September 17


Some people think American, is a race. They say Americans are white, but, black Americans are also in the race of Americans. This thing we call America appears to be much more than a piece of land. Apparently, it also changes the genetic structure of all humans as soon as they are born in America, or take up citizenship here. Thats right, signing off on your citizenship actually changes your genetic structure !!

So, here is a safe bit of advice. Dont talk bad about Americans, any of them, because if you do, youre a racist.

Go to the middle east. Some hot spot like Baghdad or The Peshawar Province of Pakistan. When you have placed your self in a large group of native peoples, say to them in a loud stern voice, "I am American". See what the racists there do to you.

Now, go to a center of the west, some place like New York or London. Look for a large group of peoples native to that place and say to them loudly, "I am Pakistani" or "I am Iraqi". See what the racists there do to you.

"Paleoswinian" is not a race. It is an unfortunate set of circumstances. Paleoswinian means Jordyptian, another non race. I dont like Palestinians, that means Im racist. I like Israelis and many Iranians. I have close friends in Egypt, KSA, Pakistan, Israel, and other countries in the ME. I dont hate them. I am not happy with some of their governments, but I cannot say, I dont like Iranians or, I dont like Egyptians. Palestinians on the other hand, I can say clearly, I dont like them.

It is a primitive bunch of people locked tightly into a small area where they are acting as the teeth and hands of Islamic extremists all over the world. A more willing group of front men for the advancement of openly radical islamists can not be found. Knowing that and allowing it to pass by without accepting it as truth, is not going to happen. Palestinian is not a race nor is Palestine a place.

When children seek eagerly to advance their standing among people they strive to fit in with. They can sometimes make horrible decisions and huge errors in judgement. Deliberately lieing about and hatefully slandering people sometimes works when trying to impress the supposed in crowd. It is a sad thing to see regularly good , full grown adult people fall into this childish trap.

But there isnt anything we can do about it. We can't change them and we cant change the world. The best we can hope for is to change our selfs enough that we are a benfit and not a detriment to those we love. I cant imagine how full grown adults trapped in the cloud of witty banter and seering ad hominem, can accomplish that.

Oh, and I dont like Polka Music either. I guess that means I hate Polish people...

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