Friday, September 30

Satellite by default

If you're ever in the mood for a good fight, first sign up with your local satellite dishnetwork service. Then be sure you read all of the microscopic print in the contract. All will seem copacetic until
your equipment or software go awry.
First you discover the equipment that you do not own, is still your responsibility if it goes belly up.
It's kind of like calling your local utility company to report a transformer that is connected to your outside box has burnt up and you have to pay them 99 dollars service call for them to repair their
While this is circulating round your head, headache wise you then discover the scam you've been paying for. You pay them to service their own equipment. You pay them to watch advertisements
that the advertisers pay them to air on their satellite. You pay them a monthly fee for all the channels you do not want or watch because they tell you it only comes in certain packages.
Then you pay them for all the times you do not recieve the channels you've previously paid for.
You pay them for cancelation or have your credit ruint. What you have here is a scam looking for a vulnerable pocketbook.
Anybody interested in buying a used satellite?

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