Tuesday, September 13

Terrorist Memorial

I wanted to post this here as well. This is the email I sent the National Park Service regarding the proposed Memorial to the Hijackers of Flight 93. I am unamused, to say the least. Props to Zombie for the excellent, damning pic.


I have now seen enough pictures of the Proposed Memorial to the Highjackers of Flight 93. Words fail me. I guess the best I can come up with is what in the name of G-d were you thinking? Were you thinking? An Islamic Red Crescent is supposed to be a memorial to those heroes who were killed in the greatest act of Islamic Terrorism seen thus far in the history of the world? What's next, an Eagle and Swastika at the Holocaust Memorial, or maybe a nice down-home cross burning at the Museum of African-American history?

This is an outrage. Better that no memorial be built at all than one be built that effectively celebrates the monsters who murdered all those good people. As Mark Steyn says, “Instead, in its feeble cultural cringe, the Crescent of Embrace hands the terrorists of Flight 93 the victory they were denied on September 11th. And it profoundly dishonours Todd Beamer, Thomas Burnett, Jeremy Glick, Mark Bingham and other forgotten heroes of that flight.”
In the weeks ahead, undoubtedly pro-American groups will file a class-action lawsuit to stop this travesty from occurring, and I, as part of the injured class, will contribute as heavily as my budget allows. I have already contacted my Congressman and Senators. In a nation where the Ten Commandments cannot be allowed in a courthouse and even the words “one Nation under G-d” are under siege, the concept that a Red Islamic Crescent, an internationally recognized symbol of Islam, should be used to be the purported Memorial for those who were killed is an abomination. Make no mistake, when I called it the Memorial to the Hijackers, I meant that because that is most definitely what it is, and that is certainly how our enemies, Islamic Fascist Terrorists, will see it.

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