Friday, September 9

This Makes Bob's Kid PO'd

Okay, I am a public school teacher. I am required to belong to three layers of local, the California Teachers' Association, and the ever popular National Education Association. When I say 'required,' I mean that I get somewhere around $80 per month taken right out of my check. That is annoying right there, but there's more.

CTA is notoriously lefty (all right, no big surprise there). That's their right, it's a free country, but the problem is that they pay for their lefty views with MY DUES. Which they just raised in June, yeah, they did. Didn't ask me, either. (you can see why Bob's Kid is beginning to get PO'd, but she's just getting started).

So last week I get a letter from Barbara E. Kerr, a "classroom teacher and president of CTA." I know that because I have to listen to CTA's terribly misleading radio ads all the time. It's at the point where I want to smash the radio whenever I hear her whiny voice.

So the letter. Its purpose is to let me know how terrible awful horrible that darn Governor Schwartzenegger is for putting three measures on the November ballot that CTA DOESN'T LIKE. As if I didn't already know that from listening to the incessant commercials (they're probably on TV too, but I don't watch TV). A gem from this letter:

The start of the school year brings many challenges for us as educators--fewer resources, larger classes, and more pressure from an out-of-control accountability system. However, the greatest challenges have been created by Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger's call for a wasteful special election in November that amounts to a war against teachers and public education. (emphasis hers, and notice her little dig at GWB's NCLB)

Wasteful? WASTEFUL? The Gube got elected to change things in California, and that is what he is trying to do. What, pray tell is WASTEFUL about letting the citizens of CA decide how things ought to be? A war against teachers? Oh come on. He's making it harder to get tenure, puleeze. He is demanding high standards for teachers and that they be agressively evaluated (we already are in my district, so yawn). Don't you have to get evaluated at work? Don't you have to maintain some basic standards to remain employed? What is the matter with teachers that they are afraid of these things?

I will tell you what, and I heard it from my mom years ago. Mom was a teacher and she told me, well warned me, acutally, that teachers are the biggest whiners around.

She got that right.

There's more to the letter that infuriated me, but this is enough for now. I need to take a relaxing bath before I go on. Look for more irate Bob's Kid in a later post.

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