Saturday, September 17


Hi Youse'all - I read the encapsulated version of reaganites' post of SPAMMERS but for some reason, when I hit the "view" button, I just got a blank page. So this is sort of a comment to reaganites' post.
First of all I didn't know we had spammers in the first place (notice to Danny and others, please put me on the memo list, ok?). When did they first start showing up and how do you know their spammers.
Secondly, since I never look at Lies (I know, I know, the real name is Discarded Lies, but since they never seem to discard any, I just shortened it to Lies) and am surprised they even know about lgc. Thirdly, why should Lies care about us? We're not in competition with anyone; can't imagine we could or would want to compete with Lies and God knows we couldn't and never would want to compete with LGF, so what's with the spammers?

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