Saturday, September 17

What's Wrong With This Picture?

We had something very sad happen to one of our former students last weekend. Some parents in a nearby neighborhood were throwing a birthday party for their child, with about 40 invited guests. Apparently it was a good party, as invited kids on cell phones were text messaging other friends about it, and before long there were like 200 kids there, causing trouble, spilling out into the street, and fighting. The parents, naturally concerned about this, called the police, but before they could get there, some kids in a car drove by and shot into the crowd, wounding several and killing one boy. Several kids in the crowd fired back.

A tragic situation for all concerned, and you know what irks me the most about it? One parent, when asked, said that she thought that the problem is that there is not enough for teens to do on a Saturday night and that 'someone' ought to provide something for them to do.

Now my questions are this: what parents would let their kids drive around in the middle of the night and crash a party? What kind of kids are carrying around guns to a party? And why in the heck is it the City's responsibility to provide a place for kids to go on a Saturday night?

Am I the only parent that kept track of where my kids were all the time? Am I the insane one?

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