Friday, September 9

Window Shopping

Today was a good day to travel. Especially when doing it in a car that is great on gas mileage.
We traveled to Brenham, the capital of the best icecream in the world, Blue Bell.
But it wasn't icecream we were shopping for. It was to see about getting parts for our
new to us Case tractor.
The scenery going west was beautiful even though very dry. All round was hay being baled
in round bales, or stacked in preparation for winter. The new fall calves have started arriving,
we saw many sleeping in pastures as their mothers grazed. Best of all the air was clean
and sweet, sure felt good going in!
While waiting on the parts to be ordered, I windowshopped the new tractors on display.
I found a nice 35 hp with a finish mower attached underneath. Nice price too. Mebbe one
christmas I'll find one under my christmas tree.

Now the news I'd like to share is about Michael Yon. He's gotten his night vision goggles.
Which means when he's traipsing round in the black moonless nights with the troops he'll
be able to see where he's walking.
The icing on this cake is, I recieved a picture of him wearing his new goggles on the front of
the card he sent me.

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