Wednesday, October 12

Al Gore, again.

All right, I am ticked off. I just popped over to powerline and saw the post on Gore in Europe. Gore evidently said some things about Bush that strongly criticized him. Apart from not being true, if the report about what he said is true, he had no business saying that overseas. Specifically, he said that Americans routinely torture people. The principle that he violated is that Americans should not be critical of America overseas.

There is a reason why that is a principle that should be upheld. Gore does not have to live with what he said, but I do. Most people outside the USA are going to believe what they hear from (yes!) an ex-vice president of the USA. If he said it, it must be true. No one outside of the USA is going to do the work necessary to know if it is true, nor will they have access to the materials necessary to know if it is true or not.

So, how does this affect me? If people around the world, including where I am at, believe that Americans routinely torture people, they are going to decide that they hate Americans, much as we despise Nazis. The difference is that Nazis did torture people, and the Americans I know would never do such a thing. I know people that say they dislike Americans, often based on such rubbish as this, and I generally try to work with them as well as be a good ambassador for the USA. But who wants to be in the position of deflecting anti-Americanism, especially when it is based on the stupidity that comes out of Gore's mouth?

Carrying a passport is a priviledge, and Gore's should be revoked.


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