Tuesday, October 4

Another one

The Mafia Princess thought that this deserved mentioning on the front page.

Some examples:

The most egregious example of government waste is...

CONS: the Department of the Interior's $600,000 outhouse.

LIBL: the Department of Defense's $600 toilet seat.

LBRT: the $100,000,000 in emergency funds to buy air conditioners for poor people during the blistering heat wave of 1998. Although, I'm sure there are people who honestly believe that if all those air conditioners saved just one life, then it was indeed a small price to pay.

COMM: the Department of Commerce's entire budget

23: What are your thoughts on castrating (either through chemical or traditional means) repeat sex offenders?

CONS: It's about time we gave those perverts a punishment that fits the crime.

LIBL: That kind of sentence is certainly prohibited by that pesky little clause in the Constitution banning cruel and unusual punishment.

LBRT: Excuse me, but what if the guy is innocent? Is the procedure reversible if years latter the person who really committed the crime confesses?

COMM: Megadittos to the conservative response

28: What is your position on sex education?

CONS: People should learn about "The Birds and The Bees" at home from their parents.

LIBL: The schools must teach this subject, above all others. Woefully far too many parents aren't comfortable even talking about sex, other than advising that boys only want one thing--let alone explaining to their kids how to properly insert a diaphragm, fully loaded and primed with globs of slippery spermicidal jelly.

Not to mention the difficulties that often arise the next morning trying to pull the diaphragm out--assuming you're even lucking enough to locate the damn thing, even after several hours of intensive Search-and-Rescue efforts.

LBRT: The parents should decide when their children are ready to learn about sex, and how to present the subject to their kids.

COMM: Let students learn about such topics by using the skills of gifted peer-tutors.

40: How do you feel about nuclear weapons?

CONS: I love them! Just thinking about them really gets my testosterone flowing!!!

LIBL: They scare the crap out of me.

LBRT: They are important to have in crisis situations, but the best foreign policy is isolationism.

COMM: Like most things in life, size matters.

Based on this test, I'm a conservative commie symp ;-P


This is an even better test. The only thing I wish they had was an "I dunno?" kinda field, 'cause some of the questions, I am quite ambivalent about.

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