Tuesday, October 4

The BIG "D"

As of 10:10:48 AM this morning, I am officially MISS Sherri Reese. Yes, my divorce is FINAL!

I have been seperated for over 4 yrs with NOTHING from my husband (OH! Now I get to call him EX-husband). No support, no calls to the kids- NADA! Not even birthday wishes for his beautiful daughters. It is strange to CELEBRATE divorce. I know God HATES divorce. I prayed to God for release. I literally told Him that only He could release me, and that he needed to provide the way- open doors, per se. Well, GOD DID!

My children and I are finally no longer captive to this man. We can now move on- creating a family that is GOD centered, and God driven........

I know this is a very personal post- but I wanted to share the news with those that have traveled the journey with me as my friends and counsel...... Thanks to ALL of you. Especially RWNJ and Levi.....

A special thanks to Don and Stephanie--- last name not to be revealed via net....


I wanted to include a pic of me and the kids, all clad in shades- but I have been advised not to share pics of the babies..... good advice.....I think this pic speaks VOLUMES!

My mom said "YAY! Can we start dating now?" LOL!

I said "NO! God has a lot of plans for me- they are to serve HIM- when it is time to serve a MAN- HE will let me know."

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