Saturday, October 29


WARNING: I am about to do some shameless bragging and promoting!

If you have not ever listened to Herman Cain- YOU ARE MISSING OUT! He is a STRONG, NO NONSENSE- BREATH OF FRESH AIR! Herman Cain is a fantastic voice on Economic Matters in America. You may have seen him on FOX News with Neil Cavuto! He is also an ASTOUNDING MAN- GREAT INPSIRATIONAL SPEAKER- AND A ROLE MODEL OF HOW TENNACITY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS AND OVERCOMING! If you like Condi at all- YOU WILL LOVE HERMAN!

In order to "set the stage" let me share this:

  • I am a NEWS/POLITICS JUNKIE! Like most of us here!
  • I have been a HUGE fan of Herman Cain for over 18 months now. I met him on the campaign trail last year when I was working as a campaign manager.
  • Herman Cain ran in GA for the US Senate- as a Republican, but lost in the primary to veteran Johnny Isakson.
  • WGKA is the radio home of Herman Cain's talk show The Bottom Line. (Aired live on Saturdays from 3 pm-6 pm (Eastern Time in the U.S.) You can Click on The Bottom Line to listen LIVE!
  • Many of you already know about my passion for Nite of Hope.
  • Many of you also know I LOVE to write.

Herman Cain and WGKA are supporting Nite of Hope! WGKA will be airing "bits" on Nite of Hope- starting on Monday, October 31st! His team wrote a promo piece for Nite of Hope, and a team of us with Nite of Hope worked on a piece until 2:00 am this morning. (Not easy trying to get so much info into a quick radio add!) I talked with Herman's Exective Producer earlier today- and they will be editing the "bit" and tightening it up for broadcasting to begin on Monday. I am not sure which version they will use- or if they will be using both- maybe a mixture of both. I am just thrilled to be part of such an awesome ministry and to have someone I admire so much to chip in to help!

His show starts soon. I hope you all will tune in and check it out. You can even call in!

Toll-Free: (888) 920-2665

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