Wednesday, October 5

Christians Found Guilty of Conducting Sunday School

Here's a story I'm sure y'all have read in your MSM newspaper:
On September 1, three Christian women were found guilty in an Indonesian court of law for allegedly converting Muslim children to Christianity. Dr. Rebekka Zakaria, Eti Pangesti and Ratna Bangun were found guilty and sentenced to three years in prison. Zakaria, Pangesti and Bangun had operated a Sunday School program known as "Happy Sunday" out of one of their homes until it was closed by a local branch of the Muslim Clerics.

Of course this is a clear violation of islam which states:
There is no compulsion in religion... quran 2:256

However, here is a video showing a mob of tolerant islamists vowing to murder the Sunday school teachers if the court finds them innocent. Gotta luv that sharia stuff; doncha wish we had it? Allahu Ahkbar.

Click the link to find out how to support the Sunday school teachers.

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