Saturday, October 15

Dredging YM for deatils, its what I do

After the explosion in Oklahoma recently, I began 'doing what I do'. 'What I do' means searching Yahoo Messenger profiles by location for people who live in the area of concern, from Peshawar to Portland, no matter the world event, I contact local people and listen to the story of the event as they know it, or experienced it. (maybe I'll write more about 'what I do' at another time)

Here is an account of the recent splodeydope incident in Oklahoma from a local man whose anonymity I will protect.

ANON: Sorry for taking so long to get back to u. I work alot but I was downtown Norman at 8:30 that night a mile away we heard and felt the explosion. Thought it was part of the game. Found out later it was not. They are saying he just wanted to kill himself but he never tried to get into the game. He was about 2 blocks away. But people said they seen him tring to get in. He would not let them see his back pack and was not let in. They found more bomb making stuff in his car, home and more than he needed for himself. But like they said on the radio the Gov. will never tell the whole story of what was on the camera's at the game. It was only news here for 3-4 days nothing else said about it. Students at OU were afraid to go to clas monday and are really affraid of each other at the time.

But college life few days they all forget and back to their routines. Someone dis there on campus 2=3 times a year since I lived here

thats all I know. reply if u like.

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