Saturday, October 29


Hi youse'all - I know I've been away and haven't posted much here (or at LGF, ) for the last several months, mostly because I've been in a fight, literally to the death, with prostate cancer.
With no prior symptoms, I was rushed to a hospital on July 3, where I was diaganosed with an extremely aggressive form of prostate cancer - frankly, the doctors thought I had maybe 9 months to a year to live. My PSA level (PSA is a blood test to check on levels of a cancer protein; a "normal" PSA for someone my age is anywhere from a 1 to a 7; anything more than 7 and they "check you out" for cancer). My PSA on July 3 was more than 1,000 AND it had started to mestasyze (spread to other areas of my body) hence the prognosis of a short time to live.
I told the doc's I'm not ready to go yet so I authorized them to fight the cancer as aggressively as possible, even though that fight would leave me totally physically weak, in a lot of pain and in a "bad" state of mind. I won't go into any details on this post as to the medicines, hormonal, chemical and various medical implementation, but 5 weeks after finding my PSA was over 1,000, they found my PSA had dropped to 13.5! I pushed the doctors to use even more aggessive treament to try to stop any spread of the cancer and so they gave me, AMONG OTHER THINGS, the biggest frickkin injection I've ever seen, in my stomach - took almost two entire minutes to do the injection, but supposeldly would last for three months of a "new" cancer fighting drug which would make all of my bones and muscles ache and would give me hot flashes. Two days after getting the "three month monster shot" my PSA had dropped to 3.0 So some three months after diagnosis, I'd dropped from over 1,000 to 3.0.
My oncologist, who is a reserved and taciturn kind of guy said that was excellent; my regular doctor of over 30 years (an internist and and endriconolist actually said "Yah Whoo" when he heard the news). Then, last Tuesday, after having the chemicals from the three month needle in my body for only one month so far, my PSA was a 0.386!!! Less than one half of ONE!. MY tacticturn and reserved oncologist said "You've beaten this cancer to a pulp! Hooray!!!" My regular doctor said, honest to God, YI HA!!!!
So anyway, what's new with you guys?

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