Saturday, October 22

Good news from JLF in TX!

I got an email from Jeff a few minutes ago, and he gave me permission to post this:

" They are going to move her out of ICU today and leave the shunt out. They think she does not need it anymore. She is still confused, but we rejoice that she is able to communicate. The doctors say she had an intestinal infection that could have been causing her the mental problems. They are going to try and take the NG tube out tonight and see if she can start eating."

Please keep up the prayers for Jeanna, Jeff, their kids and his parents..this has been such a rough road to travel, and there is no telling what is around the corner ,but this is great, and his kids don't know yet, as they are both at work. Can you imagine their faces when he tells them, and they see their Mum?

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