Wednesday, October 26

Great news from jlfintx!!!!!!

Pardon me going OTT, but this is such spectacular news from jflintx, that he asked me to posr, so that I hope everyone who knows about his wife's illness, and what the family has been through will know that their prayers and good wishes have really done wonders!

"Well, I don't know if I mentioned what the docs said, so many things have happened, and you are welcome to pass this along. Just as the doctors said she had little chance for survival, when she was being released (kind of sudden-like we feel anyway), they simply said they have no idea what caused her to ultimately turn for the worse and then to reverse course and get so much better. They even went to the extreme and said she may make a full recovery. This kind of news after what we have been through is simply astounding, even if it is overly hopeful. I attribute this to the prayers of God's people and all the great thoughts and well wishes. Words cannot express, nor can we convey our gratitude to you and the legions of others who we may never meet or even know that have put in petitions to the heavenly realm on our behalf. She is now trying to regain her strength and mind at her mothers and we are indeed hopeful and so very thankful that we have been blessed with our much loved wife, daugher, and mother's continued stay on this good earth. Our best wishes and thoughts to all the community of well wishers of LGF, DL, LCG, and Lifeisforeveryone ( and those we don't even know about). My final hope and prayer is that someday, someday indeed, the things that have seperated us will be forgiven and forgotten and what joins us will prevail. Most sincere regards, family of jlfintx"

Keep the good wishs and prayers coming, please!

BTW, I asked Jeff if Jeanna is able to feed herself yet, and she can ,slowly, but she can!!!!!

We will be driving to Toronto in the AM, for a 2 week vacation.

See you all when we get back.

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