Saturday, October 8

Hamas leader: Bush placing U.S. in danger

Hamas leader: Bush placing U.S. in danger
Blasts president for 'shootingmissiles at innocent populations'


Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zohar warned that U.S. President George W. Bush's actions in the Middle East are "placing America in danger," accusing Bush of "shooting innocent populations with missiles" in Iraq and Afghanistan......

How QUAINT?!?!

Hamas is concerned about INNOCENT POPULATIONS?


The Hamas organization is responsible for more than 425 terror attacks in Israel
Sunday 18/04/2004 10:58

Since the beginning of the current conflict, the Hamas terrorist organization is responsible for carrying out 425 various terrorist attacks which resulted in the killing of 377 and wounding of 2,076 Israeli citizens and soldiers.

The Hamas organization has carried out 53 suicide attacks, killing 289 Israelis and injuring 1,649. A Chronology of Terrorist Attacks Carried out by the Hamas Since September 2000:

  1. April 17,2004 - A border policeman killed, an Israeli civilian injured, and two border policemen injured, when a suicide bomber exploded himself at the workers terminal crossing at the Erez industrial area.
  2. March 14, 2004 - Two suicide bombers detonated an explosive belt and an explosive bag at the Ashdod port. Ten Israelis were killed and 12 injured.
  3. March 6, 2004 - Suicide bombers traveling in three vehicles drove into the Erez crossing, and detonated two car bombs at Palestinian checkpoints, while firing at the Israeli checkpoint. Two Palestinian policemen were killed.
  4. Jan. 29, 2004 - A suicide bomber detonated a bag laden with explosives on a No. 19 bus line on Aza Street in Jerusalem. Ten Israelis and one foreigner were killed and 44 were injured.
  5. Jan. 14, 2004 - A female suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt detonated herself at the workers terminal in the Erez crossing, resulting in the death of four Israelis and the injury of five.



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