Thursday, October 27


I have wasted the last 30 minutes wringing my hands on weather or not to post this. I realize that after the mess with contributions to our friends like --------, etc, that people may be hesitant to lend help right now. I also realize that not everyone here is Christian, so this ministry may not be your cup of tea, since the ultimate message is "Jesus Cares." BUT- (always a but) I finally came to the conclusion that if you don't ask, nothing can happen.


I have already posted about Nite of Hope Atlanta. We need to raise $2,300 by tomorrow. Nite of Hope Atlanta is a non-profit organization. We will be feeding 2,010 people an elegant Thanksgiving Dinner and providing a winter coat for each guest. The coats will be BRIGHT ORANGE!! I know- "Who wears bright orange?" (Unless it is Club Gitmo gear......) The words "JESUS CARES" will also be printed on each coat.

There is so much more to this. SO MUCH MORE! The founder, Ron Tripodo visits The Task Force (an Atlanta homeless shelter) every week. He ALWAYS brings food. Heck, a couple of weeks ago he went to McDonalds and filled his car with 300 hamburgers and 300 fries and took it to them. But we want to make Thanksgiving special for them. Dinner is served to them in the Georgia Ballroom on real dishes with linen napkins. These folks don't ever get to eat like this. This is much more than a one-night a year ministry. It is about reaching out and helping in a way that is DIGNIFIED and offers them HOPE.

I honestly feel the coats are the best part of this. Wearing a bright orange coat will make you stand out. The questions will come. "Where did you get the coat?" Imagine the testimonies to follow. Sharing the story of where they got the coat over and over with people will certainly affect them, let alone the people they tell the story too.

Please visit the site (Just click the title of this post). Watch the video. If you can't give, at least spread the word.

Thank you for the opportunity to ask.......


I edited Sherri's post to remove realwest's name. He was mistakenly identified as having received charitable aid from people in our community. I believe Sherri may have meant RT or BK, or others.

Also, RealWest has never asked for charitable donations, so I know she was'nt talking about him.

Just a little typo, just a mispoken error. Peace all.

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