Sunday, October 30


Bill Roggio has a new post up on his upcoming trip to Anbar. I marvel at his courage and sacrifice, but most of all I think how hard it must be to leave his family, his young children and his wife, to go into danger to try to do something he believes in. And without pay.
If you look at his equipment list you can see he is not going to be living soft in the Palestine Hotel with other journalists, instead he is going to be living hard, sleeping cold, and wearing kevlar. If you would like to buy eq instead of contributing direct, you can do that also, like some of us chipped in for Michael Yon's NV goggles (thanks to quark!).
I admire people like Bill, Michael Yon, and Michael Totten so much. While other journalists sit safe in their hotel rooms, protected by the same american miltary that they denigrate and demonize, those guys are putting their lives on the line to bring us the truth. And I can't wait to read it.

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