Tuesday, October 18

Illegal Go Home

US security chief strives to expel all illegal immigrants
Oct 18 11:47 AM US/Eastern
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Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said his department aims without exception to expel all those who enter the United States illegally.

"Our goal at DHS (Homeland Security) is to completely eliminate the 'catch and release' enforcement problem, and return every single illegal entrant, no exceptions.

'Bout damn time. The Administration is at least making noises that it is going to get serious about the problem of Illegal Immigration. And let's start by calling it what it is, illegal immigration. Under the NFA, there aren't documented and undocumented automatic weapons.

I somehow doubt that the BATF would buy it if you said "That's just my undocumented machinegun". Go to Jail, go directly to jail, do not collect two hundred dollars.

So why are "undocumented", i.e. illegal immigrants given a pass? Because they are cheap labor for the wealthy. Do you really believe the party of John Kerry and Ted Kennedy are against the wealthy? Dude, pass me the bong, 'cause that's some powerful shit you are smoking. The Democrats are the anti-Middle Class Party. Anti-Bourgeoisie, more precisely. The goal of the L³eft (i.e. Socialism/Communism) is to destroy the Middle Class, divide the population into the haves and the have nots, and use Class Warfare to overthrow the State, and, thus, take Power.

The current L³eft are more imaginative in that they like to toss race, gender, and sexual-orientation (as well as anything else they can come up with) into the mix. Divide et impera, divide and conquer. So the more factions they can get into the mix, the more they like it.

And, thanks to the Democrats fighting any meaningful voter reforms, Illegals are now a voting block to be courted.

We should make voting reform part of this. Any illegal attempting to vote should face immediate deportation. This in not anti-Immigrant. It would be absurd for me to insist I had a right to vote for the President of Mexico just because I happened to be in Cancun during the election, even if I was 100% legal.

Time to get serious. The laws are on the books. Either enforce them or get rid of them. If I were caught in possession of an Undocumented machinegun, I would be facing about 5 years in Club Fed, barring (I believe correct :-) intervention by the Supreme Court.

Given that automatic weapons don't crash planes into buildings, I think it safe to say we should take Illegal Aliens at least as seriously.

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