Sunday, October 2

In the Face of Adversity

I heard this story yesterday and felt it was very profound. I just want to pass it along....

In the Face of Adversity

A young girl came to her mother, confiding in her about struggles she was encountering at school. The mother invited her daughter to the kitchen. Mom took out 3 pots, and filled them with water. She then placed carrots in one pot, eggs in another pot, and coffee beans in the last pot. She lit a fire under each pot and let the water boil for 20 minutes. The daughter became bored and didn't understand. Once mom had turned the burners off, she strained the carrots, the eggs, and the beans. She looked to her daughter and said, "What do you see?"

The daughter just looked confused. "Cooked carrots, hard boiled eggs, and coffee." She answered. "What on earth does that have to do with my problem?"

Mother replied, "The carrots were strong and unbendable, but now they are soft and easily smashed into another form or shape. The eggs were fragile with a weak shell, but are now hardened inside. All three faced the same adveristy, the same circumstance; boiling water. While the water changed the carrots and changed the eggs, the beans changed the water. Which one are you? Are you going to let this problem soften your character, harden your heart, or are YOU going to change the water?"

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